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Ernie Cecchetto, President

As RMS President, I am determined that today is the right time for the Canadian industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) roofing industry to take steps to reduce our environmental impact by extending the service life of ICI roofing systems through regular, professional, preventative maintenance.

By developing an ICI roofing company that focuses solely on maintenance, our only objective is to prolong the life of your roof, not replace it. Adopting a strict mandate of transparency and education for building owners, options are now available that reduce capital expenditures for clients and lessen the amount of old, non-biodegradable roofing systems entering our land fill sites too soon.

After twenty years in ICI roof engineering and construction, working alongside some of the best minds in the business, I have developed a passion for sustainability solutions, better energy performance, and preventative maintenance in commercial buildings with regards to a lesser environmental and economic impact. The savings to clients – and our planet – is staggering.

I am proud that our company is built from a team of educated, trained and certified roofing technicians who focus on outstanding client service and customer satisfaction. Our photographic documentation process supports a proprietary reporting system that ensures clients of the roof maintenance work performed in an easy-to-understand format, and with a regular assessment of your roofing system we can calculate your savings over time both environmentally and economically. We aim to work in collaboration with the ICI industry and consider ourselves a valuable partner to building owners and property managers.

Please contact us if you are interested in extending the lifespan of your flat or low-grade roofing system, or if you have ideas that uphold our mandate to support building owners and attract new talent to the commercial roofing maintenance trade.

Ernie Cecchetto
President, Roof Maintenance Solutions
Entrepreneur/ Leader: Environmental Responsibility in Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Roofing
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada / ICI Roofing Industry

Ernie Cecchetto

President, Roof Maintenance Solutions

Anthony WhalenOur President