December 2012 – Newsletter

by Ernie Cecchetto on December 1, 2012

Looking back in 2012

What we found…

As the fall season draws to an end and the last of the leaves hit the ground, RMS reflects on the maintenance performed in the past few months. Of particular note, vegetation growth on inverted roof systems was prevalent this year. We removed all kinds of trees this fall — birch, maple and a black locust to name a few.

Unwanted vegetation growth can pose some potentially serious roof problems. Many types of vegetation like to grow in drain assemblies. The most common problem is moss growing in drain bowls. In extreme cases, as noted in the photos, trees or plants with aggressive rooting systems will grow in these drains. Not only does the vegetation itself cause drainage issues, but the problem is compounded when other types of debris collect around these trees and weeds. The impeded water flow results in standing water collecting on the membrane. This can cause rotting vegetation and an increase in vegetation growth in the drain bowls. Ultimately this can lead to membrane failure and roof leaks.

As part of our Annual Maintenance Program, RMS provides thorough debris removal. Keeping these areas clear of vegetation is a preventative step toward avoiding costly roof repairs later.

A look ahead 2013

Looking ahead to this winter season, we need to be reminded that our roof structures take on extra weight due to the snow that will accumulate over the next 3-4 months. No one roof structure is the same. Roofs were designed to carry a specified snow load based on the Building Code that was enforced at the time the structure was built. Based on the unpredictability of the weather due to climate change, FSA recommends that a roof snow load analysis should be completed anytime there are any changes completed to the Building Code, to a nearby structure or to the roof structure itself. For further information on this topic or to acquire our services, please contact Fishburn / Sheridan & Associates at 613-831-7293.

Article by: Ramie Saïd, E.I.T. (Civil)
Fishburn / Sheridan & Associates


Ernie CecchettoDecember 2012 – Newsletter