Economics of Maintenance

You’ve invested a great deal of capital in property that you are legally responsible for keeping safe and viable.

The roofing system on your property is estimated to last about fifteen to twenty years if you’re lucky. During that time you allocate a significant budget for leaks and repair problems that inevitably arise. Depending on your roofing structure, these repairs run in the tens of thousands of dollars, even more economically scary, the damage incurred is reducing the expected lifespan of your roof and building structure every time water enters. The unavoidable full roof replacement can cost you in the millions when the time comes.

Preventative maintenance is guaranteed to prolong the life of your roof and save you capital expense over time.

In most cases, a proper roof maintenance plan will allow for capital expense dedicated to roof replacement to be deferred for between ten and thirty years.

Measurable Results:

Roof Repairs = ($$$ x Square Footage x # of Repairs) ÷ (Structural Damage Over Time + Early Roof Replacement)

Roof Replacement = $$$$$$$ x Square Footage x Every 15 Years

Preventative Roof Maintenance = ($ x Square Footage) ÷ ( Damage ($) + Roof Life ($)) =  Budget & Environmental savings over time

Using a calculation based on the following elements unique to your property, we can provide you with an estimated savings of budget and environmental impact over time – real measurable savings you can publicly promote to clients and shareholders.

Maintenance Cost vs. Repairs vs. Replacement (dependent on:)

  • Roof Materials
  • Roof Structure & Slope
  • Roof & Building Age
  • Types of Exposure (UV, wind, environment)
  • Square Footage
  • Problem Areas

Scott NashEconomics of Maintenance