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Spring Maintenance

Fall Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

RMS recommends seasonal maintenance in Spring, Fall, and Winter. We will work with you to create an annual maintenance plan that best serves your unique needs – and meets your budget requirements.

Spring and Fall Services

Drainage Paths

We ensure the drains on your roofing system are clear to ensure proper drainage of rain and melt waters off your roof to prevent pooling water.

Vegetation Control

An innocent plant growing on the surface of your roof can conceal a large intrusive root system below that is perforating the protective roof membranes and causing leaks. We remove all unwanted damaging vegetation from your roof to ensure the barriers remain viable and keep your roofing system free from damage.

Caulking Touch Ups

Over time, UV rays and exposure cause damage and cracking in sealants and caulking originally used to keep water away from the roofing system below. We monitor your roof to repair any damaged caulking to keep your roofing system fully protected. Even caulking around screws and holes needs to be monitored and reapplied to keep your roofing system safe.

Electronic Leak Detection

Special electronic equipment allows us to sonically pinpoint  tiny leaks that are starting on your roofing system that are typically difficult to locate with regular inspections. Finding the leak early before damage occurs is critical to keeping repair costs under control.

Pitch Pocket Top Ups

Commercial roofs with any pitch pocket technique used to seal irregular perforations in the roofing barrier system – like pipes, wires, and vents – require annual maintenance and will most definitely cause leaks if left unattended for years.

Treating Eroded Pipeline

Pipelines tend to erode over time especially when they are exposed to harsh elements. Special coatings can be applied to treat and protect the pipeline from erosion.

Waterproof/UV Protective Coatings

Special sealants with UV and water barrier coatings can be applied to provide additional protection to your roofing system.

Magnetic Sweep

Construction debris can leave sharp metal remnants that threaten to perforate your roofing system and cause leaks and damage to the protective water barriers that keep your roof structurally sound. We conduct sweeps to ensure proper safety.

Roof Component Assessment & Replacement

Your roof holds important components that work together to ensure the longterm viability of your roofing structure. Missing components like drain covers, lost nails, and vents that have been swept away by the wind, rain and snow can compromise the integrity of the protection system and cause to leaks and damage. We provide a full assessment of the necessary roofing components to replace any missing and critical items.

Winter Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance and care is critical to avoid significant property damage due to severe winter weather. The ‘Danger Zone’ hits when the weight of snow and ice on your roof exceeds 20 to 25lbs per square foot. RMS can monitor your roofing conditions in winter months and create an historic database of pressure points and calculate the weight of ice, packed snow and fresh snow to mitigate the risk for damage and potential disaster. We remove snow and ice to prevent ice dam build-up, to counter the effects of water pooling and eventual roof leaks and water damage to the roofing system.

Our winter maintenance service includes a monthly walk-over and investigation of ice and build up, or maintenance can be arranged on an add-needed basis dependant on current weather conditions. We will arrive on your property to assess conditions after a snowfall or storm where snow has accumulated over 15 centimetres, or after a flash-freeze, to perform the following tasks:

  • Snow measurements
  • Clear snow from access doors/hatches
  • Assess drain blockages
  • Visual inspection of overhanging snow and ice to assess potential damage or injury below
  • Provide recommendations for snow and ice removal
  • Identify ice build up on roof surface or scuppers, which could prevent water from draining off the roof.
  • Icicle removal (night removal recommended)

Health & Safety Considerations

Safe removal of snow and ice should be conducted by qualified technicians trained in fall-arrest prevention, who are equipped with safety gear specifically for roofing, and who are professionally covered by accident insurance. Typical building owner insurance policies do not cover insurance for regular office or building maintenance staff to conduct high-risk roofing services like walk-throughs, repairs, or snow and ice removal. RMS staff are fully trained, certified, and insured for roofing services and perform routine safety checks to mitigate risk to your building and its staff.

Historical Data & Reporting

RMS can monitor and track conditions on your roof such as summer heat temperatures and winter snow depths to provide consistent comprehensive reporting with photographic evidence of required maintenance and repair. This data can be tracked over time to help equip building owners with the knowledge and information required to forecast and prepare for future building maintenance requirements.

Regular maintenance significantly extends the service life of your roof, protects internal building components, and assists in the validation of manufacturer warranties.

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