March 2013 – Newsletter

by Ernie Cecchetto on March 1, 2013

Looking back - Winter 2013

What we found…

With winter drawing to an end and spring around the corner we can take a look back at the work performed by RMS over the last four months. This has been a harsher winter than we have seen in the past few years with extreme temperature fluctuations and significant snow accumulation resulting in a busy season for our maintenance crews.

Extreme temperature changes caused problems with many roof systems. The freeze and thaw cycles resulted in leaks and the need for subsequent repairs. However, the primary maintenance issue this winter was snow removal.

Snow accumulation can cause many problems for roofing systems and Ottawa got more than its fair share this winter. To date we have received over 200cm, which is almost seven feet of snow. The accumulation alone is a problem but it is compounded when the wind blows the snow into drifts against the walls. These drifts can more than double the amount of snow and weight resting on the roof in some areas. The weight of the snow is a significant problem but not the only problem. Snow accumulating against the walls and windows can force water into cracks that are not normally affected by rain. This can lead to leaks that are difficult and expensive to fix.

The only way to remove the stress on the roof is to remove the snow by hand. RMS provided snow removal services throughout the winter. Our crews removed tons of snow, sometimes removing more than 10,000 lbs (4,535 kg) of snow in a single day.

A look ahead 2013

With spring on the way we are looking ahead to the common problems we will need to face as the temperatures rise and the snow melts. Harsh winter weather can cause caulking and sealants to get dry and crack while debris left from the wind can get caught in drain strainers leading to blockages. Our scheduled spring maintenance is designed to take care of all of these issues before they cause more problems.

Spring also gives us an opportunity to properly investigate the nagging roof leaks that could not be fully solved while the roof was covered in snow. RMS has the equipment and training to perform thermal scans of these leaking areas to pinpoint and properly repair the problems. For further information on this topic or to obtain our services, please contact us at our new phone number 613-831-ROOF (7663) or email us at

Ernie CecchettoMarch 2013 – Newsletter