November 2013 – Newsletter

by Ernie Cecchetto on November 1, 2013

Looking back - Fall 2013

What we found…

Summer is long gone and even fall is reaching its end. It is time for RMS to look back on the 2013 roof maintenance season. This year we want to highlight a common problem that doesn’t look like much but can cause serious problems for inverted roofs – ballast stones and debris trapped under the insulation.

On an inverted roof, styrene insulation rests on top of the roof membrane. To keep the insulation on the roof a ballast material is used to weigh it down (commonly stone). If there are gaps in the insulation near drains or due to repairs these ballast stones can make their way underneath the insulation and get trapped against the roof membrane. Foot traffic or heavy snow will push these stones down and over time can cause ruptures in the roof membrane. Removing all debris from under the insulation is critical to extending the life of an inverted roof.

During our routine maintenance in both spring and fall we keep an eye out for this problem. In the case of a small area, the debris can be removed onsite during our visit. If the area is larger, the problem areas are documented in our report and recommendations for removal are provided immediately.

Something to keep an eye out for next year! Let us know if we can help.

Forecast for the winter of 2014

According to long range forecasts, this winter may bring us more snow than usual:

Make us your first call if and when roof problems arise!

Looking ahead - Winter 2014

Proactive Winter Roof Maintenance…

We used our experiences reacting to winter roof emergencies to create a new proactive winter maintenance service for new and existing clients. The winter weather is hard on your roof and the conditions are constantly changing. It is important to regularly check on the roof and to stay aware of any possible problems before they become emergencies. Our new program provides our clients not only with basic maintenance tasks, but with a detailed report of the visual conditions on their roof throughout the winter months. RMS will visit your roof once per month in January, February, and March and provide the following services:

  • Clear drains of ice and snow buildup
  • Measure snow depths
  • Clear vents and plumbing stacks
  • Provide a detailed report including pictures and recommendations on resolving any other potential hazards such as icicles over walking paths or loose metal capping etc.

Contact us today for a brochure and proposal for protecting your roof this winter.

Ernie CecchettoNovember 2013 – Newsletter