About Us


Transparency and trust is critical to the mandate of RMS. We have developed helpful materials specifically for building owners to empower you with the information needed to make important decisions about managing your commercial roofing asset.

We believe that the more you understand about how roofing systems deteriorate and harmfully impact your budget and the environment, the more you will support preventative roof maintenance services.

We have nothing to hide and only your trust to gain.

Use our information to:

  • Make informed decisions regarding property roof maintenance
  • Understand the basics of roofing construction and deterioration
  • Be empowered to inform other decision makers (board of directors)
  • Use key points to gain the support of shareholders
  • Engage the industry in discussions regarding adopting new policies to strive for excellence
  • Be a leader in economic and environmental responsibility

Visit our Resources section to learn more about your roofing system and its economic and environmental implications:

Economics of Maintenance
Environmental Impact
What Building Owners Need to Know

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