Winter Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance and care is critical to avoid significant property damage due to severe winter weather. The ‘Danger Zone’ hits when the weight of snow and ice on your roof exceeds 20 to 25lbs per square foot. RMS can monitor your roofing conditions in winter months and create an historic database of pressure points and calculate the weight of ice, packed snow and fresh snow to mitigate the risk for damage and potential disaster. We remove snow and ice to prevent ice dam build-up, to counter the effects of water pooling and eventual roof leaks and water damage to the roofing system.

Our winter maintenance service includes a monthly walk-over and investigation of ice and build up, or maintenance can be arranged on an add-needed basis dependant on current weather conditions. We will arrive on your property to assess conditions after a snowfall or storm where snow has accumulated over 15 centimetres, or after a flash-freeze, to perform the following tasks:

  • Snow measurements
  • Clear snow from access doors/hatches
  • Assess drain blockages
  • Visual inspection of overhanging snow and ice to assess potential damage or injury below
  • Provide recommendations for snow and ice removal
  • Identify ice build up on roof surface or scuppers, which could prevent water from draining off the roof.
  • Icicle removal (night removal recommended)

Health & Safety Considerations

Safe removal of snow and ice should be conducted by qualified technicians trained in fall-arrest prevention, who are equipped with safety gear specifically for roofing, and who are professionally covered by accident insurance. Typical building owner insurance policies do not cover insurance for regular office or building maintenance staff to conduct high-risk roofing services like walk-throughs, repairs, or snow and ice removal. RMS staff are fully trained, certified, and insured for roofing services and perform routine safety checks to mitigate risk to your building and its staff.

Historical Data & Reporting

RMS can monitor and track conditions on your roof such as summer heat temperatures and winter snow depths to provide consistent comprehensive reporting with photographic evidence of required maintenance and repair. This data can be tracked over time to help equip building owners with the knowledge and information required to forecast and prepare for future building maintenance requirements.

See our Maintenance Packages for more information on our annual services.

Scott NashWinter Maintenance Service