Roof Maintenance Solutions

Roof Maintenance Solutions provides building owners and property managers with professional, preventative maintenance services that considerably prolongs the life of their commercial roofing system – with significant economic and environmental savings.

We believe that the more you understand about how roofing systems deteriorate and harmfully impact your budget and the environment, the more you will support preventative roof maintenance services.

We have nothing to hide and only your trust to gain.

We want to help you:

  • Direct capital expense away from an early roof replacement

  • Choose better economic & environmental options

  • Make sound decisions regarding your commercial roofing system

Get started with What Building Owners Need To Know about their roofing system, and see our Resources section for more helpful information designed specifically for property managers.

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    Roofing Services

    Maintenance Packages

    Benefits of Preventative Maintenance & Services Available

    Roof Repair

    Certified Roofing Technicians are available to assess & repair major damage.

    Solar Panel Maintenance & Cleaning

    Keep your solar panels working at top efficiency.

    Green Roof Rehabilitation Solutions

    We can help bring struggling green roofs back to life.

    Emergency Leak Response

    We are available 24-7 to respond to emergency leak situations.


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    Haste Makes Waste February 1, 2016 - When companies self-assess their roofing systems, they often look at the surface and draw some fairly dramatic conclusions. The roofing industry has created scary terms such as; Blistering, ridges, alligatoring, mud curling and crazing, to describe typical membrane defects. All these terms describe conditions occurring on the surface of a membrane. Although they may be
    Roof Top Security November 25, 2015 - There is this insane trend called Parkour, where crazy people gain access to someone’s roof top and then jump off of it! If you haven’t heard of it, don’t search Parkour Fails on youtube, it’s disturbing. That got me to thinking…what are landlords doing to secure their rooftops from unwanted intruders? Many of you have
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    • We are very pleased with the work provided by Roof Maintenance Solutions, which includes semi-annual roof inspections and the maintenance of green roofs. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional at all times. Inspection reports are precise and well laid out. We have established a solid partnership with Ernie and his team and are confident in recommending their services.

      Reinhild Ansari
    • We trust RMS to monitor our commercial property roofs to detect and repair any early signs of damage. This saves us money in the long-term, keeps the building safe and free from leaks, and is better for the environment! RMS gives peace of mind economically and ethically.

    • I was thrilled to hear of the services being offered by RMS - it was exactly what the roofing industry needed - impartial preventative maintenance that saves us money and keeps our roof viable for longer. The customer service is terrific. The environmental aspect helps us uphold our company mandate to shareholders, putting less waste in landfills and cutting our energy costs.

      L. Heaston – Director of Property Operations

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