About RMS

A Message From Our President

Outside of the industry, the topic of roofing technology and maintenance techniques is a bit dry. It’s a wonderful bit of irony since roofs are designed to keep you exactly that: dry.

I’ve spent a quarter-century in the industry learning, growing collaborating with some of the best minds in the business.

I started RMS because of what I believe: now is the time for the Canadian industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) industry to change and evolve.

The industry’s environmental impact is outsized and incredibly harmful. With no viable recycling alternatives, the EPA estimates as much as 110 million tons of asphalt-based roofing waste is deposited in landfills annually — the equivalent of a million diesel train engines ending up in the trash.

This environmental impact could be massively reduced by taking simple steps to preserve and prolong your roof’s lifespan, and that is what RMS was solely built for: regular, professional, preventative ICI maintenance. Our only objective is to prolong the life of your roof, not replace it.

We’ll show our clients everything that is going on with their roofing asset, and educate them on the options available to help reduce those huge capital expenditures and lessen the amount of old, non-biodegradable roofing systems prematurely entering our landfill sites.

I have a passion for ICI sustainability solutions, better energy performance, and preventative maintenance regards to a lesser environmental and economic impact. The savings to clients — and our planet — could be staggering.

I take great pride in our company, which is built of a team of educated, trained and certified roofing technicians who focus on outstanding client service and customer satisfaction.

Our reports are easy to understand and comprehensive. Our photographic process shows the work and its progress. With a regular assessment of your roofing system, we can calculate your savings over time both environmentally and economically.

I value collaboration and sharing of ideas among like-minded individuals and groups. If you have ideas that uphold our mandate to support building owners or attract new workers of similar mindset to the commercial roof maintenance trade, please reach out.

Ernie CecchettoPresident, Roof Maintenance Solutionsececchetto@roofmaintenancesolutions.ca

Why RMS?

Simply, we extend the life of your roofing assets through proactive and innovative maintenance programs.

If you build it …

We want to be a driving force for change in the roofing industry, to redefine the ICI sector.

The global climate is changing, and the industry needs to, as well.

The status quo has resulted in landfills brimming with millions of cubic metres of harmful waste from premature roof replacements or assets compromised by ineffective maintenance.

The status quo has resulted in a high level of consumer distrust in the industry providers. The status quo has got us here, and we want to be the ones to lead us out.

We will design innovative and sustainable ways to prolong the life of roofing systems. We will be sought after as industry experts and travel the world teaching our eco-friendly, innovative designs in roof maintenance technology. We will become philanthropists in the fight to reverse climate change.

And we will do all of this with just enough zeal and passion to irritate our competitors.

What We Believe

The RMS family

RMS functions as a family, and that mentality is extended to all of our clients.

We treat each other with dignity and empathy. Our staff is the source of our strength; if we treat them well, with respect and equity, our collective success will follow.

Honesty shouldn’t be a policy

An honest person won’t tell you they’re honest — they will show you. And so will we. There’s no hiding behind corporate gibberish or industry jargon. We show you what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and you’re there every step of the way.

The essence of our business is to solve problems. And just like those exams you took in high school math, we don’t just give a solution, we show our work.

Agile and adaptive

Our resources are on a smaller scale than some of our more recognized industry peers. So we have to really pay attention to what we’re doing and do more with less. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart.

It’s all love

We love what we do — seriously. And we also consider ourselves the best. While there’s no room for oversized egos in an industry like this, we have confidence that what makes us different also makes us the best.