We offer many career opportunities to people of all levels of previous education and training.

No one wakes up one day and thinks “I’m going to be a roofer.”

It’s not a career one aspires to as a child. The work is hard, the conditions sometimes unforgiving.

But we want to change that, to offer a rewarding career and a chance to be part of a larger Green movement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 20-year veteran of the industry or have never handled a nail gun. We’ll help you with training, education, licensing and certification, and before long you’ll have dropped your hammer in favour of flying drones and using other cool technology.

Who we are looking for, simply, are like-minded individuals who have the right attitude and a real desire to make a difference.

We can offer many opportunities to people of all levels of previous education and training. We want to help connect you, develop your skills and make you a proud contributing member of the industry.

We are expanding across Canada, and will be looking to fill positions including:

  • Roof Maintenance Apprentice
  • Junior Roof Maintenance Technician
  • Senior Roof Maintenance Technician
  • Lead Roof Maintenance Technician
  • General Manager

The roofing industry is just a part of a larger, multi-faceted collective of people who come together to create our cities and develop our communities.

Regardless of your background and training, we are glad to talk to you about your interests and goals. If you would like to consider being part of our team and have some questions, call us any time. It’s always a pleasure to make a new connection, so don’t hesitate.

Please contact:

Ernie CecchettoPresident, Roof Maintenance