Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

This is a common question we are asked. Many people will brush off roof maintenance because they do not see the value in it, but it cannot be ignored. Roof maintenance is vital for allowing your initial investment to meet its full potential.

Preventative maintenance is key to protecting and extending the longevity of any investment. Unlike your car or your home, your commercial roof system is not something you have direct contact with every day. Out of sight, out of mind.

Roof Maintenance Solutions is an experienced team of professionals dedicated to properly maintaining your low-slope commercial roof system. Over the years we have learned a few services that a roof needs and why it helps.

Maintenance Services

  • Clearing debris and garbage from drain strainers
  • Clearing drainage paths
  • Caulking touch ups
  • Pitch Pocket top-ups
  • Redistribution of gravel surfacing
  • Vegetation removal and control
  • Magnetic sweep to remove all sharp metal
  • Maintenance completion report

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