Meteor Strike On Your Roof

  • Ernie Cecchetto

In my 20+ years in the roofing business I’ve witnessed a lot of crazy reasons for holes on a roof; Birds, kitchen utensils (thrown from higher roof sections), needles, bullets (YYZ), icicles falling from support wires, heck… even groundhogs burrowing into a roof! But one of the most intriguing theories I’ve heard in recent years is meteor strikes.

According to many amateur astronomers and meteor chasers… tons of space dust and debris falls to earth on a daily basis. I remember Bill Nye once saying that you could collect dirt from your eavestroughs and run a magnet over it…whatever sticks to the magnet is likely space dust!

So are most of the holes we find on your roof systems from tiny meteors? When you look at the photo from one of our maintenance technicians…you can make out some tiny magnetic dust, heck… I guess it could be. Or perhaps it’s just those razors, nails, screws and other metal shards we clean off on a regular basis. Either way, I think we’ll start collecting the magnetic meteor dust.

For more information on Roof Maintenance Solutions’ magnetic sweeps, or wish to get a sample of some space dust… feel free to drop me a line!