The Horror of Birds…on a roof…

by Ernie Cecchetto on October 7, 2015

When Alfred Hitchcock released his horror classic “The Birds” in 1963 he depicted violent bird attacks that made audiences scream in horror.

But take away the drama, cutting edge cinematography and eerie sound track and you are still left with some pretty frightening issues…albeit roof related that is!

Bird excrement in large enough quantities can pose substantial biological hazards. Fungus that grows in pigeon excrement for instance can cause Cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis disease. An accumulation near an HVAC intake, (where birds often tend to seek shelter) at a hospital for instance, could pose as a potential health risk for the building occupants.

Aside from the biological hazards, bird excrement also has corrosive properties associated with its acidic nature. It can cause severe damage to modified bitumen membranes and other types of roofing systems.

Additionally, the waste that collects on roofs with poor drainage tend to cause algae blooms. These blooms can obscure drainage paths, block drain strainers and reduce membrane emissivity (on white single ply membranes primarily). Furthermore, the droppings often carry seeds that plant into organic material on roof tops leading to unwanted vegetation growth.

Seasonal maintenance is paramount to identifying bird related problems and enacting a proper deterrent program.

For more information on the risks, challenges and Roof Maintenance “Solutions” to bird control on your roof, feel free to contact me directly.

For additional reading on the matter…here is a link to a good article by Roof Consultant Institute’s John W. Wells, RRO

Ernie CecchettoThe Horror of Birds…on a roof…